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Our one on one personal coaching programs are for individuals who want to take their personal and professional life to the next level.

Reduce the drain and strain in your life

Coaching works because it focuses you in two areas. First, it will help you to stretch yourself further, take more actions than you would on your own and implement strategies to get what you want and be more effective and productive. At the same time, you will also be identifying and reducing things that drain and strain you, such as stressful situations, incomplete tasks, unfinished business, difficult relationships, pressured environments, procrastination and other recurring problems that have been barriers to your success. Simply by becoming aware of your energy drains, you'll naturally start handling and resolving them.

Design and strengthen your personal and business environments

The value of coaching can be extended if you use part of your coaching time to design the perfect environment in which to live and work. Where you live and how you live are key to your success. Who you spend time with and are inspired by can make the difference between success and failure. Be willing to invest effort in improving your physical and social environments so that you feel supported to be your best.

Personal coaching formats usually take the form of telephone conversations but can be varied to accommodate the individual’s personal preferences.

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