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Brave Leadership follows the premise that training is more effective when combined with Follow Up Coaching. Research shows categorically that training plus coaching reaps much greater results than a stand-alone training event. Ongoing coaching is the next step to training and ensures that new knowledge actually translates into learned behaviour.

Coaching is a process that creates sustainable shifts in behaviour over time. Integration and application of new skills and behaviours take time to move from “unconscious incompetence” to “conscious competence”. The successful learning curve of the average intelligent adult has been found to be approximately 120 days. This means that it requires 120 days of continuous reflection – practice – reflection for the application to become part of a common, comfortable behaviour pattern.

How can your organisation benefit from Follow Up Coaching?

In a public sector municipal agency, thirty one managers underwent a managerial training program, followed by 8 weeks of one-on-one executive coaching. It was found that while training alone increased productivity by 22.4%, training combined with Follow Up Coaching increased productivity by a massive 88%.

We offer specialised Follow Up Coaching to participants who have undertaken one of our Leadership or Communication workshops to ensure that they are effectively implementing their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

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