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Facilitated 360 surveys are vital tools in helping to identify leaders’ strengths to help them perform their best and meet the needs of their team.

Brave Leadership utilises Facilitated 360 to discover an individual’s organisational capabilities, competencies and values and gives leaders the tools to focus their learning and measure their improvement over time.

Facilitated 360 is an effective tool for diagnosing leadership strengths and styles and is an invaluable accompaniment to the coaching process.

Individual Behavioural 360

The Individual Behavioural 360 is a unique 360 feedback tool allowing an assessor to communicate how he/she perceives the behavioural style of others and how he/she would like others to modify their behaviours for better performance.

The tool has no good/bad categories, making it impossible for the assessors to intentionally provide good or bad feedback. Assessors cannot “get back at others” or try to make others “look good”. Also, the results will clearly show how our own biases can affect our assessments of others. Often we want others to be more like us at the expense of performance.

The most common applications include:

• Leadership/Management Development
• Coaching
• Team Development
• Sales Training
• Customer Service Training
• Career Development

Individual Behavioural 360 provides a wealth of information yet is easy to administer.

Thousands of feedback sessions have demonstrated the effectiveness of this tool.

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