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Just as the world’s top athletes work with a coach, the most talented leaders benefit from honing and growing their skills and setting and reaching their visions and goals - bridging the gap form the current reality to the desired vision of the future through coaching.

Executive coaching focuses on the specific goals of the individual and caters to leaders who want to take their career to the next level by increasing their capability and performance. It is a goal-oriented, results focused, systematic process of change that facilitates self-directed learning, development, performance and achievement through a highly skilled coaching conversation.

Executive coaching is based on the principles of solution focus and the art of possibility. It is focused on discovery, the current reality and the desired future reality and the gap between these. Essentially, it is designed to dramatically improve the contribution that the individual makes to the organisation.

This one on one coaching program considers the individual’s unique leadership style and explores values, purpose and vision and ways to build on and grow strengths. The focus of these sessions is on the individual and the challenges they are facing developing their leadership style and effectiveness in line with the organisation’s vision and goals. The opportunity here is to meet the manager where they are now and support them in taking the next step forward in line with their needs at an individual level.

How will your benefit from Executive Coaching?

A coach will:
• Deliver honest, objective feedback
• Provide a fresh perspective
• Work with you to establish challenging yet achievable goals
• Help you develop a clear plan for achieving these goals
• Provide support
• Keep you focused and prioritised

In order to gain an understanding of the client’s leadership, interpersonal styles and decision making processes, Executive Coaching will often first involve assessments such as Facilitated 360 or Extended DISC. A coach may also observe the client in the workplace to gain a further impression of their communication and management techniques, after which a coaching plan will be reached between the coach and client.

Coaching formats vary to meet the client’s needs, and could include face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, shadowing and/or the use of assessments.

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