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Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® Workshop

The Personal Coaching Styles Inventory® Workshop boosts the effectiveness of performance related interpersonal communication. The Inventory provides insight into how people are likely to communicate and behave and how to work with your own and others’ communication style.

Recognising the style distinctions in others and yourself can make a major difference in your approach to people. It is crucial that you have the most effective means for building rapport and connecting with others. Stronger, more strategic outcomes are the result.

The PCSI workshop is a one-day programme of learning, discovery and practice in which participants discover their own preferred communication style and learn how to “flex.” The PCSI identifies four principal communication style traits and explains why and how these natural tendencies influence behaviour and interaction during coaching, mentoring and other work conversations. With an understanding of these styles, leaders, coaches, and mentors can better tailor their communications to suit individual and team needs. Effective communication occurs more readily and openly, creating an atmosphere of cooperation and achievement.

The PCSI provides a practical tool to assess the impact of communication style conflicts and synergies both one-on-one and in team coaching. Coaches, mentors, managers and team leaders learn to “flex” their communication style for more productive interactions. The PCSI Workshop takes you through the four styles and interactively embeds the variations of each and participants will learn ways to interact, coach and consult with others in a way that is highly effective. The sky is the limit on how each participant will be able to use such personal effectiveness both at home and at work.

The PCSI workshop will bring communication insight to all levels of an organisation.

All leaders and team players have distinct and different styles, each with their own individual strengths. The Discover Your Style workshop will help participants identify their unique leadership style and provide them with the skills and tools to harness their strengths and improve their personal performance.

For more information regarding our PCSI workshop download our brochure here

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