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The Brave Change program will teach you and your organisation how to capitalise on change and transformation, drive positive outcomes and avoid catastrophe.

Every large organisation goes through significant changes and transformations from time to time. The way these changes are managed can mean the difference between success and catastrophe. Change and transformation offer enormous opportunities, which can be capitalised upon if managed well.

The Brave Change Program gives managers and staff the skills to:

• Initiate change in a positive manner
• Understand the change process and how to harness it
• Overcome personal fear and the uncertainty associated with change
• Understand the effect change has on staff, teams and organisations
• Manage staff anxiety associated with change
• Drive change in a collaborative and cohesive manner with other teams
• Capitalise on opportunities for improvement and growth during change
• Avoid many of the negative outcomes, which can arise from poorly managed change

You can utilise the Brave Change Program to prepare staff and managers for impending changes and ensure the maximum positive impact is achieved.

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