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Some people just drive us crazy, but their work can often be pivotal to a team’s success. So how do you learn to deal with different and difficult personality types? How do you identify where a problem exists in a team and why?

This highly participative and interactive workshop explores the opportunities and challenges of both leading teams and being a team member. It utilises Extended DISC diagnostic tools to identify and map personality types and is an opportunity for participants to look, in detail, at how their team works and develop practical strategies to improve their team’s effectiveness.

The Brave Team Building program will enable team members to:

• Articulate the team’s vision, values and purpose as well as aims, objectives and performance goals
• Analyse group processes
• Describe how their own behavioural style contributes to the team
• Identify formal and informal roles and responsibilities within the team
• Identify the skills necessary for consensus building and select appropriate strategies and actions for team improvement
• Understand the critical behaviours required of team members and the team leader

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