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The Brave Project

The Brave Project is an initiative I will undertake in 2012 – essentially 52 ways to be brave!!

Courage is a primer for happiness. Fear holds us back from anything and everything. The Brave Project is about exploring and confronting your fears.

Fear is primal, but certainly it dissipates when you stare it down. Fear is managed by action. The Project will experientially investigate my own fears. I am hoping that through engagement with that fear, I can move through some of the barriers that prevent me from growing. Fear is very personal, however I am hoping that you in turn, can gain something from my own journey and investigation.

I am going to decide which fear I will work on and each week, I will take action. I am planning to explore various themes - family, friendships, money, integrity, relationships, work, purpose, meaning and simply see where my investigation takes me.

I hope you will join me on my journey.

Be brave, take action.

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