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Strong mentoring ensures continued success in your organisation

Effective mentoring is vital to any organisation’s longevity. It is integral in succession planning and succession execution and in passing on complex skills and expertise vital to organisational success. Cement your organisation’s future success by ensuring the valuable people-based attributes that are guiding today’s success are carried forward into the future to newer or younger staff.

The Brave Mentoring Program combines a 1 or 2 day workshop with a series of group follow-up sessions, giving leaders and managers the skills and tools to revive or establish and drive a successful and effective mentoring program in your organisation.

The Brave Mentoring Program gives you the expertise to:

• Successfully setup a mentoring program and run an ongoing mentor program with continual monitoring and evaluation
• Develop objectives and strategies behind your mentoring program
• Understand and develop mentor and mentee matching and selection criteria
• Prepare mentors and mentees for the partnership

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