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Feedback is the fuel that moves people forward. It is an essential management skill. Businesses and organisations enjoy extraordinary results when their people are equipped with the skills for giving effective feedback.

The real value of feedback resides in how truthful and genuine the information is, how relevant it is to the receiver and their performance and how useful and constructive it is. Feedback needs to be timely, balanced and specific. Feedback is developmental; it is not criticism or speculation disguised as something else.

All feedback should encourage a positive desire to respond either by modifying behaviour or learning more effective application of skills. All feedback should be aimed at generating outstanding performance.

The great majority of staff in the workplace do not receive sufficient feedback. This leads to a lack of transparency, a lack of trust and a great waste of learning opportunities. We all require feedback from the environment in order to function properly and to learn and develop further.

This program will transform your organisation’s culture and atmosphere and transform the quality and quantity of work produced.

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