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The most difficult issues are often the most important to tackle. This 2 day interactive workshop with follow-up coaching will provide managers, team leaders and employees with the tools, confidence, skills and strategies to tackle difficult conversations successfully and efficiently.

The ability to move things forward by having effective conversations - even regarding difficult issues - is vital for organisations to continually achieve better results. Avoiding important conversations can have catastrophic consequences for relationships, trust, productivity and your organisation. Knowing when to initiate a conversation and how to approach it is vital.

The Brave Conversations Program equips people with the skills and proven techniques to prepare for and initiate a challenging conversation, eliminate fear and thrive in difficult conversations, 'hear' what is not being said, turn frustration into constructive dialogue and speed up decision making and change whilst maintaining positive relationships. If your organisation needs to tackle "conversation avoidance" or "negative conversations", equip your people with the Brave Conversations Program to approach difficult conversation and start achieving more positive outcomes. The program will eliminate any fear of difficult conversations, speed up decision making and change and turn anger and frustration into constructive and useful dialogue.

Leaders often need to have conversations regarding performance, giving and receiving feedback, accountability and conflict resolution and it is paramount that they possess the ability to do so in a manner that motivates staff and increases performance. Brave Conversations will provide participants with an interactive platform to increase their communication skills, gain an understanding of the importance of effective workplace conversations and drive noticeable results.

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